Remember Cute Little Girl From Raju Chacha? She Has Grown Up To Be A Hottie!

“Raju Chacha” was one of the most popular movies during its time, especially among kids. If you are a child during that time, you should definitely remember most of the characters.  It was a big budget film from Ajay Devgn’s home production but somehow the movie was not a great profitable one for the producer. Sakshi Sem, who was seen as Rishi Kapoor aka Siddhant Rai‘s youngest kid, Rani in Raju Chacha, is now all grown up.

You will be surprised to see the now and then comparisons of photos. There is absolutely no match and she looks ready to be an actress to take over Bollywood. She is sure to get the attention of TV producers and her photoshoots are going absolutely viral and she is straightforward gorgeous and ready to kill all young guys.