This ‘Big Boss Contestant’ claims single but already married, husband’s age is 50!

The reality show ‘Bigg Boss’ has always been with the brassiere of controversy. For the time being, the 11th season of this show is going on, but it seems like a flood of controversies has come up. Sometimes a householder gives a disputed statement, and then sometimes tells the participant a controversial outing.

Overall, ‘Big Boss 11′ remains in the discussion. Contestants’ fights are common here. Every day there are new friends and enemies. Well there is one more thing in this season that is coming up again and again. That is that most contests have hidden many secrets in their heart.

This is proof of the day-to-day disclosures. The news is that once again a participant is revealed. And then it is not disclosed by any householder but living outside the house. To know the whole case you will have to read this Story.