During the audition, ‘Bigg Boss 11’ contestants confessed secret things!

A lot of time has passed since ‘Bigg Boss 11’ started. In the meantime, the idea of fans who follow the contests will also be changed many times. The reason that the mood of those who live in this show varies from day to day. If you have never seen such people then you should see this show once.

Every person shows a new color every day on the show. These include those which we have been watching on the TV screen for a long time. However, you must have heard that saying, ‘Some of the elephant’s teeth show something else to eat’. The case here is just like this.

Now see, during the audition of the show, these people made big promises. But during the show, most people are seen breaking these promises. Today, these are the same Contestants. You will also know about this excuse, who had said that?

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